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Nina E.
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NE 019AN is for NeglectedAHE

Welcome to my world.

I signed up to start this blog for one reason - my cousin (noblwish) has a blog and she said in order to be a "friend" and read the juicy stuff, I would need to have a blog of my own.

I started actually writing in the blog for another reason - it was just sitting there taking up space on the Internet, like a toy box with no toys in it. I felt compelled to fill it with something.

Then came the part of what to write: I decided to dedicate this blog to writing things that would shock, surprise, alarm and amaze and amuse my cousin. After a while, I quit trying to amaze her and started to try and impress myself. I write for the joy of writing. I write for the thrill of being read. I'm willing to alarm, amaze and amuse anyone who's up for it.

I have a 40-mile commute to work, and I think a lot while I make that drive. I think about friends, family and acquaintances. I think about life and death and all the things that they entail. I write about those musings here.

If you suspect that parts of this journal are fiction, don't assume that my encounters with the Grim Reaper, who looks like a Carney and operates a giant Ferris Wheel that he lets people off of when it’s time for them to die, are all made up. I have a casual, friendly relationship with The Angel of Death, and I share my encounters with him here.

I will admit to the taking the occasional poetic license, but that is only because I am a licensed poet. Unlicensed poets should not attempt a blog like this at home.

Don't be alarmed that my mood is always "Drunk," because I rarely drink. I don't need to. I was born with a natural buzz. To find out how this can be, and why the music in my world is almost always Saber Dance by Khachaturian, I explain it here.

Sometimes, I randomly friend people because I find your journal, your profile or your writing style interesting. Take this as a compliment. If this has happened to you, I hope you aren’t freaked out by it. You don’t have to friend me back if you don’t want to. No offense taken. Please realize that I'm harmless. On the other hand, I don't mind random strangers friending me, either. If you like me, add me and I will probably add you back.

.*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*.

If you are curious about the person behind this blog, I have a less interesting, more typical and less active blog under ninabadina with the usual stuff like memes and non-surreal observations. It's dull. I wouldn't bother if I were you. But it's there if you're interested.

.*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*.*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*. .*.*.

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I'm not actually this thin and my dragon has a slighly longer tail, but I do own a pair of these shoes.

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