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Christmas Cards from the Long Departed...
I've been gone awhile. Nothing personal to you all, I just haven't slept that much in the last year and writing takes energy that I haven't had.

Still, I'm sending out Christmas cards this weekend. If you're thinking, "Gee, isn't it a little late?" then you really don't know me that well.

If anyone misses me and wants a card (with my bitch-and-moan newsletter), leave me your address below. It may not show up before Christmas, but when you get a card in the mail a week after the big day, that's how you know it's from me. :)

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I haven't gotten around to sending out cards yet either, but think I'll send some after new year... Sort of like "Gee, it' still winter!"

The traditional Christmas season lasts until January 6. If my card gets there by then, I figure it's on time. If it arrives on January 7 or later, it's just really early for the next Christmas. :)

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