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Squids V. Robots!!!
My son has been drawing pictures and creating stories lately about a special breed of squids that battle evil robots trying to take over the world. Fortunately, the robots have an Achilles heel: squid ink jacks up their circuits and makes them die. Thank goodness.

Here (with subtitles, in case you don't speak fluent Kindergartener), he explains it all.

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that is a great story for my saturday morning. Thank you very much, sweetpea

Thank you. This is one of many very detailed works he has created around the dreadful squid/robot war. Humanity should be grateful to have such valiant squids fighting for our cause. :)

I am amazed that it's so well thought out. I'm more than 10 times his age and some of my ideas are not that well thought out.

This is just a portion of the saga; there are more details in his other drawings. His land squids have bones, for example, so they can move around on the land. He knows that real squids don't have them, but that an animal on the land needs them. He's all about details. "These are special squids," he told his dad.

His intellect and his creativity are not behind at all, just his social skills and his emotional control. I suppose it all balances out in some zen sort of way.

I need eight eyes on each of my eight heads. Life would be so much easier - especially finding keys.
What an imaginative boy - great story.

I think I'll go drive around in some slime for a while now.

If you find any weapons, remember to pick them up and give them to the squids!

That's Buddy in a year. I can hear it. Same voice, same restless squirming. SweetPea's speech is much more mature, but Buddy tells stories JUST the same -- and just about as wild, too. God help us if these two boys spend much time together in their teens!!! :D

Squirmy? For him, that is just what "sitting still" looks like.

No wonder "circle time" is such problem at school...

Aww, he's wonderful. :)

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